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Owners Rep Project Manager

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Owner's Rep (OR) will act on behalf of Owner to become a virtual extension of the Owner's Project Team and will establish an immediate and close relationship with the Owner to gain a complete understanding of the Owner's Project requirements, goals and constraints, and general business objectives.

  • OR will bring best practice and innovative experience to this Project that will facilitate the delivery of efficiencies in terms of design, construction, and operational transition process.
  • OR will comply with the Owner's standards for quality, optimal cost structure, and on-time delivery, and implement these standards into the overall framework of the Project.
  • OR will act as an extension of Owner's organization to assist in maintaining project level schedule and cost controls and reporting in line with Owner's requirements. OR is expected to help enforce policy, gather information, and troubleshoot in the field.



  • OR will participate in executive level briefings and decision making processes with respect to the Project in supporting Owner's internal Project Management team.
  • OR will review and validate Owner's needs and business requirements for the Project, including functional requirements, environmental standards, levels of quality, commissioning process, and business needs in order to protect Owner's interests throughout the course of the project .
  • OR will acquire a thorough understanding of and assist in establishing Owner's requirements for the Project relating to budget, program, and schedule.
  • OR will review and provide timely comment to Owner regarding the Design teams program for the preparation of drawings, specifications, schedules, and all other design and cost information. At all times, OR will act to align and balance design deliverables and construction requirements.
  • OR will provide and (where appropriate) ensure that the Documents make provision for all necessary information required by the local Planning/Building Dept. /Fire Dept. etc and, while not responsible for obtaining permits, act as a partner with Owner and General Contractor in obtaining permits.
  • OR will advise on, and issue appropriate notices on behalf of Owner to the relevant parties in relation to procedures and other practical matters arising under the Project Agreements. Project Agreements are defined as any and all agreements relating to or affecting the Project or the completed Project, or any part which have been or may be entered into by Owner and disclosed to OR whether before, on, or after the date of this Agreement.
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies OR will continually evaluate the progress of the work and identify potential risks to the project, including risks to quality, budget, and schedule. OR will work with the Owner to determine which mitigation measures are recommended and implement those corrective actions. OR will maintain Risk Log in Owner defined tool and host quarterly Risk Management worksessions.
  • OR will create and maintain at all times, for purpose of daily active management of project delivery, three key tools:
  • Action Item Log, for purposes of tracking the key actions and associated what, when, and who required to maintain the project progression.
  • Milestone Management Log, for purposes of extracting key milestones from Project level P6 file in order to focus team on the right course for project delivery at all times.
  • Procurement Log for purposes of tracking all major goods and services purchases and associated progress in delivery of those Owner provided items.
  • Standing Up the Team:
  • OR will coordinate with the Owner's procurement policies to establish a timeline for the procurement of all remaining consultants, contractors and vendors necessary to execute the Project. These efforts could include (Commissioning Agent, CM/GC, Independent Testing & Inspections, and Independent Financial Audit)
  • OR will work to make sure that Owner's contract principles and requirements are incorporated into Owner prime and second tier contracts.
  • OR will assist Owner's internal document management and technical writing team in making sure their requirements and needs are well defined and detailed in the contracting process. For clarity, this is not an expectation for OR to act as Document Control Coordinator (DCC) but rather, assists Owner's DCC as an agent in the field when needed to help facilitate process or troubleshoot issues.
  • OR will define the process and expectations of bid leveling process for subcontractor selection to the GC and enforce and audit that process.
  • OR will conduct a complete and thorough proposal evaluation and make recommendation to Owner for key trade awards.
  • OR will assist Owner in the preparation of special conditions and general conditions for the Project with specific emphasis including construction phasing and construction sequencing, as well as balance of services between GC and trades.
  • OR will conduct oversee the GC in an assessment of the local construction marketplace to determine capabilities, capacity and overall skill required to deliver a project of this scope and complexity.

Vendor Management:

  • OR will conduct a monthly call with the executives or principals from all of the key partners to address any open items, concerns or issues during the execution of the Project.

Budget Management:

  • OR will support maintenance of the Project Budget, inclusive of all contract and payment status log for all contracts held directly by the Owner, with the Owner' project controls team, both regionally and at a corporate level. This includes reconciliation of the capital budget at the completion of the Project. The intent is that the OR acts a facilitator to transfer field level information from various project teams to the centralized project service group.
  • OR will coordinate with Owner's project control team to facilitate process and data transfer between central services group and the field. For clarity, this is not an expectation for the OR to be a cost controller on the job but rather to audit processes in place between the Owner and GC and troubleshoot issues in accuracy or process as an agent for the Owner.

Schedule Management:

  • OR will support implementation by the GC of Owner's defined schedule tools including integrated P6 schedule format, identifying critical tasks, dependencies, and durations for all major activities within the Project schedule. They will audit to insure it follows proper Owner schedule requirements and resource/unit loading. The intent is that the OR acts a facilitator to transfer field level information from various project teams to the centralized project service group in support of their defined process.
  • OR will study alternative schedules and concurrent activities between projects, and identify opportunities for Owner to improve delivery
  • OR will incorporate all key milestones in the sourcing of all Project Team members, and include their commitment to those milestones during the sourcing of their respective services and work to insure that all stakeholders are guided by the schedule as opposed to acting as constraints to achieving the schedule.
  • OR will consolidate consultant and contract schedules and evaluate progress such that agreed upon Project Milestones are maintained.
  • OR will routinely review the schedule details and identify any flaws in the schedule which may impact the timely completion of the Project.
  • OR will manage efforts of the Project Team to eliminate impacts to the timely completion of the Project.
  • OR will perform problem solving tasks with respect to any portion of the work that is behind schedule while providing regular and transparent communication to the Owner.

Project Reporting:

  • OR will provide bi-monthly Management Reporting in a format acceptable to the Owner that includes up to date information including:
  • Design Delivery Status and Design Milestones
  • Design Issues and Misses
  • RFI's more than 10 days old, Submittals more than 20 days old
  • Procurement Highlights
  • Budget Status (Design, Prof Serv, OFE, Construction, Cx, Other) Approved,
  • Committed, Pending, Projected Variance
  • Milestone Tracking (20 or so high level milestones, status, and issues keeping them from being successfully accomplished)
  • 3 Week Look Ahead Highlights
  • Key Action Items across overall team
  • Safety Focus
  • This is expected to be a summary level deck that will be used as a management tool for the Owner's management team that is not directly connected to the project.
  • OR will coordinate and co-chair with GC, Project kickoff meeting at start of construction including review of all construction administration process and procedures and creation of documentation for the same.

Design Phase:

  • OR will coordinate with Owner's Design Manager on the issuance of design documents for review at agreed to intervals (BOD, SDs, DDs, and CDs) to verify the Project requirements of scope, budget, and schedule are maintained during the design phase and align issuances with construction needs.
  • OR will assist the Owner and Architect / Engineer in reviewing the requirements of building codes and other Agencies Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) advice on the cost impact of these requirements, and suggest possible alternates
  • OR will review design progress throughout the preconstruction phase for conformance with Owner's requirements within the scope of the agreement and recommend economies consistent with these requirements and sound construction practice.
  • OR will advise the architect and Owner during the preparation of the drawings for conformance to Owner's requirements and advise further with respect to availability and price of the materials; merits of alternative systems; appropriateness of details; extent of off-site prefabrication, constructability review in the context of work site, review and make recommendation on sequencing logistics, etc.
  • OR will monitor the GC in the solicitation of independent trade-by-trade cost estimates based on the plans and update this estimate at the conclusion of the Schematic Design (30%), Design Development (60%) and Construction documents (100%) phases utilizing the contractor(s) for the Project.
  • OR will review the bid documents prepared by the architect and engineer and bring any apparent discrepancies or omissions to their attention prior to issuance for construction.
  • Means and Methods Input. OR will work with Project Team (including Construction Manager, Owner, and design entities) in the development of site access plans, choice of materials, selection of contracting methodology, sequence of work, and rules and regulations as it relates to tactical and strategic Project decisions.

Construction Phase:

  • OR will maintain Owner's on site documentation, when needed, in a secure environment.
  • OR will help lead weekly progress meetings with the design team, GC/CM, and Owner. Minutes taken by the GC/CM will be reviewed to document all open issues and decisions made.
  • OR will review all meeting minutes and make corrections for the project record.
  • OR has as a Project goal to avoid compensated Project delay not occasioned by Owner direct changes and will work to identify and mitigate such circumstances.
  • OR will act as on-site point of contact for Owner's Project stakeholders and inform Owner on a continuous and ongoing basis as to the budget, schedule and quality implications of Owner's ongoing activities and decisions during the Project.
  • OR will help facilitate onsite coordination of activities and interaction of all Project Team members. For clarity, this is not to say OR is responsible for coordination of all team interaction, but rather, when issues of collaboration or communication arise, will help to facilitate reasonable solutions and outcomes.
  • OR will review the schedule, construction procedures, and staging operations submitted by the contractor and advise Owner thereon.
  • OR is responsible for the regular onsite monitoring of the construction process with regard to the schedules and procedures established and assist and make recommendations for maintaining and improving construction progress. OR will conduct regulated meetings with construction manager, engineer, architect and Owner to review progress and address any issues that may arise.

Technical Testing/Inspection:

  • OR will help source the technical inspection and testing services required by the design team or other third party consultants for services such as concrete testing, structural reviews, moisture testing, etc. OR will put review test reports and raise issues when needed to the Owner.
  • OR will support the Project design and construction teams in addressing any issues and deficiencies identified during technical inspection and third party testing.
  • Submittal Process:
  • OR will monitor the design team and contractor on the status of all shop drawings, product data, samples, etc. submitted by the Construction Manager to the design team for approval. Submittals will be reviewed at the weekly progress meetings and all critical items will be addressed. If issues in the process arise, OR will help resolve.
  • OR will coordinate the contractor's incorporation of submittal, submittal review, and submittal action into the overall Project schedule.
  • OR will work to incorporate into all relevant Project Team member Scopes of Works and contractual agreements stipulated review times for relevant submittal actions.

Change Order Review:

  • OR will prepare, and maintain a Change Order log in a format acceptable to the Owner. This Change Order log will identify each change by directive number, description, OR generated initial estimate of the cost of the work, agreed upon cost of the work, date initiated, implementation status, date of proposal receipt and date of proposal approval.
  • OR will review and validate contractor change order requests with respect to cost and schedule impacts and will work with Owner to negotiate when needed.
  • OR will review and make recommendations as to the form with which changes to work are to be authorized.
  • In conjunction with Owner and the other consultants, OR will advise on the need for any amendments required to the contractor's proposals with regard to specifications, cost, and program and, when instructed, discuss and agree to any amendments with the contractor. OR will confirm in conjunction with the other consultants, whether or not the contractors' proposals appear to meet the Project requirements.

Requests for Payment / Progress Payments:

  • OR will help coordinate the review and approval of requests for payment from the contractor. OR will also conduct a review of those invoices and make a recommendation for payment to Owner documenting all adjustments.
  • OR will establish and implement with Owner a procedure with regard to the processing of the contractors' periodic payment requests.


  • OR will manage the Commissioning Agent's development of a comprehensive test plan and incorporate this into the overall Development Schedule from Level I to Level V for the Project. For clarity, the expectation is that OR simple helps set expectations, tracks progress, and alerts Owner to any issues.
  • OR will create and communicate a plan for integration of Owner's operations team into the project test and commissioning cycle and ultimate handover process. Focus will be on dates and process for notifications to the ops teams.
  • OR will assist the Commissioning Agent (CX) with monitoring and coordinating corrective activity for any issues which arise during the commissioning process, from factory witness testing through Level V Commissioning integrated system testing. These issues will be tracked on an Owner approved, Commissioning Agent generated spreadsheet format. For clarity, expectation is OR implements a Commissioning Issues log for use by GC and Cx agent and monitors that it is being actively used by those parties during the Cx process.
  • Participate with the CX as required in chairing scope review meetings where the commissioning process is reviewed with the contractor and subcontractors.
  • OR will facilitate review of documentation, including detailed equipment startup procedures, for use in administration of the commissioning process. For clarity, expectation is OR makes sure a system and process is in place for information to be shared, as opposed to being the party responsible for distribution
  • Confirm that the CX works with the Construction Manager and Subcontractors in developing coordinated start-up plans and start-up documentation formats, including providing prefunctional checklists to be completed during the startup process. This is a major effort that will be led by the GC, but it is our expectation that OR takes a leadership role in making this happen and validating and refining the output.

Project Close Out:

  • OR will act as a rep for the Owner Document Control Coordinator to help facilitate the document closeout process and remove roadblocks to closing out all defined documentation.
  • OR will assist in the planning of the handover of the Project or any part or parts of the Project for occupation and monitor the implementation of the planned handover of the Project on behalf of Owner.
  • OR will coordinate and verify the completion of all Owner personnel training with regard to the component and system operation of the Project.
  • OR will verify that the timing of training on the integration of systems will be ongoing, commencing during factory witness testing, continuing through construction, and completed during Level V Commissioning prior to Owner's acceptance of the Facility Ready.
  • OR will manage the design team, Owner, and contractor in establishing Punchlists for the Project including establishing phasing as required by progress of the work or occupancy requirements of Owner. For clarity, the punchlist will be created and maintained by the A/E but the OR will drive and manage the process.
  • OR acknowledges that participation in occasional closeout meetings will be required beyond the completion of the project, for which compensation and/or expenses, if any, will be negotiated in accordance with the terms of the agreement.



Posted: 2021-08-23 Expires: 2021-09-23

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Owners Rep Project Manager

OnQGlobal Inc
Columbus, OH 43054

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